Well I have ofically given up on compiling the GTK version of live journal I got to the point where it compiles but won’t link. So enough of that IRIX isn’t exactly the best platform for GTk. I wouldn’t have even bothered except my linux box seems to have crashed or the DSL connection went dead or maybe someone stole all my computers from my house I don’t know. All I know is that I can’t conect to it here at work so I can’t play around with the slash code any and I am really board. I think I will go get food now i just have to decide where to go. I think Jack in the box sounds good so there I shall go. To top it off the TCL version of LJ dosn’t work in IRIX complains about not being able to use clock and to use ‘exec’ ‘clock’. So i changed it and now it lonces the xclock of course I also know nothing about TCL so o well I will just use the web version

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