Just thought I would put out another rant before I go to school. I am a little displeased with the CS departments curriculum. I am taking two 500 level classes and come the first day I find these are the same freaking classes as the 600 level graduate level classes same tests same everything only I only get undergraduate credit. Now this wouldn’t be a big deal but they are required graduate classes. Now I don’t plan on getting a masters but if I did I would have to take the exact same two classes over again. Now how lame is that. What’s the freakin point of even getting a masters when you seemingly don’t even learn anything more than an undergrad. And some of the grad students are fairly clueless. This is probably because I don’t go to a very exclusive college and this is probably one of the only universities who would take them. Oh well off to read 200 pages of BS uhmm… I mean CS now.

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