Well I have GL set up now, its not accelerated yet but my GL programs will now compile just fine now. Well I must say that gnome just kicks but in this release, and man is the new version of xfree86 great. I think they did a better job on the 2-d end than ati did in windoze. The only things I have left to do is figure out why the fonts look sooo bad at any thing less than 14 point font. Also need to get my TV card working but that is really minor. Other than that I am all set to code my projects at home on my nice fast machine with a 21 inch monitor. It kind of sucked working on my 200 mhz box with a 17 inch monitor too hard on the eyes. I have also noticed in this version of the kernel they have improved the em10k kernel module for my sound blaster live, before I would get all kinds of weird noise when I moved the mouse or moved a window.

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