I installed netatalk on my solaris box at work today for the web guy. What a pain in the butt first I find I can’t compile the stupid thing because it requires a kernel module and the solaris 8 kernel is 64 bit and guess what gcc won’t compile 64 bit code, actually there probably is a snap shot of it that does but I’m not installing it, and I won’t waste money on suns compiler. Anyways I finally found a precompiled binary out there and that works for guest access, but not for anyone else. It’s some stupid thing with suns version of PAM I must say I hate there implementation I went through the same thing when I installed the ftp daemon. Then I go to class and I find out that the grad student that is going to be our lab instructor can’t freakin speak English. Come on people don’t let people tech that can’t speak English well, I have to spend all my time trying to understand what the heck he is saying and I end up not retaining anything. I just hope tomorrow is a better day.

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