Well almost finished my hardware homework, I think I will finish the rest tomorrow. I work tomorrow I hope they close campus early again, but I doubt that they will. They closed campus at 12:30 on Friday to save money since it is costing them $27,000 an hour for all the fines on the electricity because they were dumb like most schools and are supposed to turn off the power. Cal state has generators so they don’t have to pay the fine. Frankly I think it is ridicules myself, there is no power shortage just a bunch of money hungry capitalist taking advantage of deregulation, similar to OPEC being able to charge whatever the heck they want for oil. Now we are going to pay twice for our electricity once from our taxes since the sate is buying power for Edison and then we pay again to Edison. How lame is that! They only good thing is when they close campus I still get paid for the time I was scheduled, which is cool so in a way on Friday I was paid to play counter strike, now that would be a good job.

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