I really need to get more motivated to do my school work, At this point I am just cruising doing as little as possible to get at least a C and more than likely I usually end up with an A or a B. I used to really work hard at school and spend all my time studying and I got really good grades. Then I started working for an ISP and it corrupted me, instead of studying I turned to playing online games such as tribes and quake3 instead of studying. Every free moment at work in the evenings and weekends would be used on gaming. Let me tell you it is much more fun than studying is. I have since cut back a lot but still I have a hard time sitting down and studying stuff that I couldn’t care less about. For example Formal languages and automata that is a boring class, luckily it is easy or at least easy to me. If it something is boring and not easy that is a bad combination for me. Take my compiler class for example I dropped it because man was it boring and I couldn’t understand what the teacher was saying and I couldn’t read anything she wrote on the board, that coupled with my work schedule and other more interesting classes made me drop it . The whole not being able to understand your instructor is another of my pet peeves. I don’t mean any disrespect or anything but a professor should not be hired if he can’t be understood, I can even put up with a thick accent as long as it is understood what they are saying. But when they mumble and talk to the board and have a huge accent it is impossible to understand them. I don’t care if someone has 5 PHDs they need to be able to articulate clearly the knowledge they have learned, it they can’t they are more of a hindrance to learning than a good. I mean what really is the point of a professor if you can’t understand them. You might as well just issue a text book and say show up for the tests and turn in the programs and not have any lecture at all.

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