The LAN party was ok, the only game we really played was Unreal tournament because getting everyone patched and running was a pain, was supposed to start at one didn’t start until 3 or so. I bailed early because there was just too much drinkin, cursin, and pr0n trading going on. Kind of scary hanging out with a bunch of guys who think nothing of keeping and trading porn, I personally think it is one of the worst poisons there is, it robs you of your innocence, and distorts your view of women, but sigh society as a hole doesn’t fell that way, I can’t wait until Jesus comes back and takes us all away from the crude going on down here on earth. I don’t think I will be going to anymore LAN parties with the guys from my work. Too bad there aren’t any Christian LAN parties, I like playing games but I don’t like the pr0n, drinking and vulgarity.

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