Algorithma 2001 is going along swimmingly, I have two of the three applets packaged and up, now if I could just upload them to the stinking server all would be good but unfortunately I don’t have permission on that particular directory because we have no sys admin to speak of, the way it administered is stinking retarded, but oh well. I changed my oil today, I was about 300 miles over due, I made a mess too. It always seems I do it in the dark on a Sunday afternoon because I am soo busy lately. I will be glade come June and I have my degree finally. Then I will have to find a job. I am pretty sure my present employer will bring me on full time when I graduate, but I don’t know if this is the best thing for me. The working atmosphere isn’t the best in the world, I want a job that will challenge me and yet is still fun. I don’t want to code full time, I would like to do some fun stuff like perl and java part time and system admin stuff the rest, but we will see. I will pray about it and come June we will see what happens.

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