Yeah prototype 7 is done, now on to 8. I gave my team leader a bad review, he was never there and as I see really didn’t do all that much. Rummer is the one dude in our group threw a big hissie fit about it, all I can say is that guy is strange. I also have realized I complain too much, its one thing to complain here on lj this is just where I vent, its another to do it in real life. It doesn’t help anything in fact it hurts it, after all you could be fixing things in the time you are complaining, I need to remember this in my everyday life. I also need to slow my driving down, I tend to drive as fast as I can and don’t have patients with other slow people. The only one I am hurting is myself getting all mad and stressed I should just cruise I hope when I graduate my job won’t require much of a compute as I do now.

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