I installed ADSM today on my webserver today to back up to the mainframe. I must say it rocks, I backed up two gigs worth of files in less then an hour. Not that I think I will ever really need it, I am mirroring the system disk and the user files are on a raid 5, so bearing two drives falling at once or being rooted by some l33t script kiddie I should be good to go . I need to think of some new uses for the web server right now it runs about 99% idle all the time. The thing was over kill in my opinon a sun e450 with dual sparc3’s and 2 gigs of ram, and we only have 2 T-1’s coming into the school for everyone so needless to say my server never gets a work out. We are going to put together a freeBSD boxin in the library to play with, we were going to go with linux but I really want to give freeBSD a shot, I haven’t had the chance to work with it yet. It has to be better than the various linux for a server, I hate the fact that two different distros put config files in two different places. Geez for once and all decide where it should go and leave it there.

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