I am going to burn the Free BSD CD now, Might get to install it at work tomorrow but I doubt it, the network admin is going in at 2 in the morning to clean up the network closet because the incompetent CFS won’t do it, and guess who is loosing their key to the network closet, man some people are dumb. It not that any of us work that hard but dude when you are asked three times to do something that you messed up in the first place you had better do it. So any ways, the net admin probably won’t be in when I am tomorrow and I don’t have keys to the server room so I guess I will be playing with solaris tomorrow. Want to throw a perl script together that recursively goes through a given folder and does a search and replace for given words in text files. Would be very handy given there are some lingering links to the old web servers name.

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