Well I got home just in time to miss the rain, I hate driving in the rain, well actually I don’t mind it I hate what happens to traffic when it rains, it takes me 2 hours to get home if it raining and 1 hour when its not. I really really hate traffic, it just seems such an incrediable wast of time, sitting in a car when I could be doing something else. I really hope that when I graduate my job will be close to my house. My search and replace perl script worked perfectly, no more references to the old server name any longer, I love perl. I will throw the script up on my webpage when I get a chance if anyone ever has a need for a recursive search and replace on text files. The webmaster wasn’t at work today, oh well. I would like to know why he downloaded the httpd.conf file and then reuploaded it, there was ^M all over so I know he did it, he hasen’t figured out yet what ASCII mode is in FTP, thank goodness for dos2unix. I also noticed that the passwd utiltiy is no longer working so I would like to know what the heck it did to greak that, probably the su-id bit is no longer set, or maybe some stupied solaris PAM issue, I hate solaris’s implementation of PAM.

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