The 500 finial seemed easy to me, then again so did the midtem and I only got a B on that, oh well we will see. Now I only have the 510 final to do and it is take home, I need to start putting it together, I will start tonight, it is due tommorow at 6:00 pm so I should have plenty of time, I already have most of the answers already I just need to put them all down neatly on paper. I really need to stick this one after getting a 66 on the midterm, I really want to pull at least a B out to keep my gpa up to a decent level, it would be nice to graduate with a 3.5 but we will see. I need to get a hair cut before Thursday eveing for the cs455 presentation, there are supposidly going to be some head hunter there so what the heck, I haven’t cut it since August or september so I have quite the fro going. Anyways I need a full time job when I gradute so I might as well look nice. I have a preety killer resume though considering I haven’t even graduted yet and I have a year and a half UNIX system administration experiance, everything from samba, apache, netatalk, on Solaris, Linux, and IRIX, only magor OS’s missing are freeBSD and HP-ux. I also have a year and a half of technical support under my belt which show my comunication skills are good.

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