Today was a productive day at work, I installed and configured mysql, I fixed majorDomo, helps if I could spell, and I finally got the right adapter to conect the ups’s serial cable, a 25 pin db to a 9 pin db, and thankfully it works too I can even check the status of the ups on the web, mad propts go out to the people who made apcupsd a free open source alternative to powerchute, I love free, kind of burns me that we have to pay so much for a ups and unless you are running a m$oft server you must pay extra for the software to shut it down unattended in the event of a power failure, well no thanks. Make me feel better though the two times it went down hard when we did have powerfailures were no fun. There is something a little unnerving about having to run a fsck manually to get a $30, 000 server to boot.

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