Some proffesors at my work are fairly clueless, the file server took a dive some time sunday night because some geneus turn the turmastat to like 120, why its not locked I don’t know. Anyways it got moved into the IT server room with the rest of the servers so it won’t happen again, except a certian instructor wants it back in the class room where he has access to it. Ok this is probably the dumbest thing in the world, the server has no video card, and I know this guys not going to hook a null modem cabel up and see whats up, the guy can barly use email dang it!! The server also doesn’t crash its IRIX not some NT junk, the only time it goes off is in the event of the stinking power outages we have like every week. Which is another reason why we should have it in the server room, we are getting a huge UPS for the whole server room.
So any ways things don’t look so great with getting a full time job there, thaks to power deregulation and the huge power bills they are regecting most of the funding request needed for new positions for the next fiscial year, so I am not getting my hopes up. I need to put my resume up on monster or something when I get the time, as well as be in prayer about where God wants be to go once I gradute.

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