Haven’t seen anymore evidence of an attact on the webserver since I blocked a couple class B networks last night. I actually blocked a class A of uu.net last night just to so I could sleep better:) I also found that the webmaster added a group and accouts without telling me, so some people had free rain to browse the whole directory structure and one idiot actually download a passwd file for a cgi program, we no longer use the program but their account is suspended perminiatly if I have any say, which I probably don’t since I don’t I am a lowly part time hourly, will be fun after I leave there to see who gets my job. Good luck to em there a whole organization of microsoft point and click zelots, none of which know vey much unix, but since there isn’t going to be any full time positions opening up anytime soon its time to move on, especially since in two weeks I will have my degree.
I am thinking of looking for work in the ventura area, its too hot in southern cali. Plus my brother leaves up there, and my mom just bought a condo there that I could rent for a while.

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