Well I have a rivension to do on a paper, another one to write, part of a paper for the group paper, two finals, one cs546 homework one project to turn in and I am offically done with school for good or at least untill I decided I want to get a masters, If I can get a job that won’t be happening anytime soon. I prefere to work on stuff that intersts me not stufff I have to take to pass a class.
Well I haven’t seen a repeat of the attacks on the webserver yet. I still have there class B blocked and it won’t be unblocked untill the next reeboot flushes the route table and that won’t be anytime soon if I can help it:] . At least they didn’t DDoS us wouldn’t take much to take our network down, we have no firewall and only two t-1’s so a measly 3 mbit flood could kill us good. I so wish they wen’t with a free BSD box instead, so much cheaper and more secure than solaris and its gnu, I love the gnu tools so much better than the default soliars tools.

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