I wrote the program for my turing machine to recognize palandrome, did it in a few minutes before class:
0xq0q1r1xq0q2rxxq0q6r00q1q1r11q1q1r q1q3lxxq1q3l00q2q2r11q2q2r q2q4lxxq2q4l0xq3q5l11q3q7r00q4q7r1xq4q5l00q5q5l11q5q5lxxq5q0r 1q6qhrxxq6q6r00q7q7r11q7q7r 0q7qhrxxq7q7rxxq3q6rxxq4q6r.1100011
that is it defaintly not anything you would want to code in, in real life

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