Seven short days untill I am a college grad, so exciting yet I know after this some major changes are on the way, will need to get a full time job. Hopefully this won’t take too long, I think my resume is fairly good, a year and a half of helpdesk experance at a ISP, and now almost two years of Irix and Solaris system admin experiance at a Community college, also have been using Linux since redhat 5.2 came out so about 3 years now, I think I am strongest on Linux, I love it, although I would like to put another box together just to be a development box and try out all the different OS’s freeBSD I would like to play with especially. I also have a B.S. in comp sci as of Friday. I need to put my resume up on monster, and start to look actively now.
Have most of the ns306 group paper done, still have to pick up the intro and abstract from one of the group members on Monday. Then two take home fianls to finish, one due wednesday, and the other due Thursday. Also have to show up to senior seminar for some dumb reason and turn in a servey, oh well there was takes of a LAN party in the CS lab anyways, which would make it worth driving all the way to school.

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