I hate windows!!! The instability is driving me nuts, don’t even try to do three things at once or it will crash, geez I guess I am just spoiled after using linux and having no crashes, or gasp only the program itself crashing, not the whole OS, what a novel idea protect the OS memery and processes from the user memory and processes, who would have though, ohh wait just every one except microsloft, My server at work has been up for 33 days now, and that is only because I had to take it down while a ups was installed, and my home linux system has been up for 32 days, since the last time the power went out. Now I have never seen a NT box that stable, it starts acting flacky you reboot, my unix server starts acting flacky I look for the ofending processes and kill them and make a bug report, Did I mention I love unix?
I need to get a new chair the one have been using is a kitchen chair, not too cumfy.

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