This evening was one of the strangest I think I have had in a while, I went to Jeanie’s house who I meet in my wrtting class, I went to pick up part of the goup paper from her, since she has a knack for breaking all things electonic, and then we went to hang with her friends. Anyways, showed up there at around 8:30 like I said I was, so of course she is not there, So I get to wrap it with tthe parents for a while, which was cool, they were cool and all. Then on to anihime were we meet up with her friends, who all work for diseney land with her. So they are the average 20 somethings obsesed with boooze and sex. The whole converstation of the noght revolved around disney land, so I was just pretty much sitting there doing nothin the whole night. Oh well it was cool though, intersting no doupt.

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