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Tommorow is the big day

Tommorow is the big day, I will get to walk across the stage, get my name called, and shake some deans hand and get some cover where my real deploma will go in. To me it really isn’t a big deal, its the degree that counts, the graduation is just serimony, and to me that isn’t what is important. I remember the second quarter in the CS program with Dr. Z I was getting my butt kick big time and I was about to change majors, but I stuck through the class, and after that it got a lot easier, I also knew to avoid Dr. Z if possible. It has been a better learning experance than anything else, it has show that I can succed in the face of stress and time contsrants. I have learned to prioritize and do the important stuff first even if it isn’t the fun stuff. Looking back I don’t think the actuall class were the most imporatntent thing, it was the experiance, the process that was the most important.

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