Well graduation is all over now, it went well, not too exsiting overall, just sat there for two hours untill it was my turn, did ir mostly for my mom. We were a roudy bunch, throwin beach balls, using bubble machines, and silly string. Not too many of the speaches were listened to. The natural science had a fairly small group compared to the other departments, so we got through fairly quick After word the family went out for lunch at the olive garden, that included my grandpa, which was quite humorus. You see my grandfather is the cheapest man alive and to him olive garden is a really fancy place, anyplace where you pay after you eat is fancy to him. Well anyways my sisters was eating her soup and my gradfather made some coment about how he wasn’t used to such fancy places, and my sister started to laugh with a mouthful of soup which went all over. i got an email from jeanie wishing me a happy graduation, that was really sweet of her, I think see tried to call me too beacuse my cell phone showed one mmissed call I really would have liked to talk to her, when I called her house she had already left for work though., So I will see her tommorow though. I really need to ger my voice mail working on my cell phone too. I got some hugo boss from my sister for a grad presentt, and my brother, mother and uncle gave me money for graduation, so I will need to get some thank you cards sent out preety soon, I think I will save that for some furnacings for when I get a new job and an apartment of my own.

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