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So mmany thing have been going on this past week. I am still in shock at what happened in New Yirk ANd D.C. America needs to stand as one at a time like this. There needs to be swift and total anilation to the people who planed this. We need to flaten Afganastan for harbering terrorist, just nuke em, I sertainly woldn’t mess the country.
In other news I got a full time job, as a Network Administrator. I need to get my finger prints done and do lots of paper work. Yay, I need to find an apartment also closer to work, driving out there is no fun, I would like to move to Chino Hills since it is so close and is between work and my girlfirends house. It is expensive though, but I think I can aford it. Also today I rear ended a lady, that wasn’t fun, there wasn’t damage to ether car though I hit the trariler hitch.

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