I hate verizon and I hate my ISP! I wanted to get my dsl moved to my new
apartment form my old house, and all signed said I should be able to. Now I
find out that verizon has susbended all new accounts at the CO that my DSL
equipment is in untill the first of the year. And to top that off my ISP
tells me this and then disconects my DSL at my moms house today. Dammit I
payed for the stinking month already, and I called to tell them not to turn
it off untill after the end of the moth. Bastards. So now I have no more
web site or internet access anymore. I don’t think I will resign up with
the same ISP at the first of the year, I will go with someone else.
In other news I need a couch, tv stand and a desk for my apartment.

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