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July 10, 2002

My new project at work is a web based timeclock. Users clock in and out on their computers on a web page. I expect alot of people to be pissed off. But whatever you get paid for 8 hours of work you hap better be there, no more coming in at noon and saying you left at 8 that night when you really left at 5 when the managers were all gone.
So far I have the database backend done, and the user interface is roughly done, at least enough to have all the functionality needed to clock in and out. I am using mysql as a database and php as the scripting language.
To do:
A manager interface to get reports on employee work hourrs, correct missed punches etc
A page to show the status of everyone, IN OUT or OUT to lunch
Vaction request that go to their supervisor
message of the day
customisable links and headlines.
PDF fdf prefilled forms for paper timesheets and vacation requests.
Add status of VACATION.
archieve or delete old punches

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