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I went for a little hike this weekend up in the hills by my house. It has been a long time since I went up there. I took Keifer one of my dogs also. He was very excited to go. Next time I need to remember to bring water for him. I took some pictures with the new camera as well. I really need to get a polarizing filter, it was bright blue out on the account of the Santa Ana winds but all the pictures look hazy from the glare since it was so bright out. Got some good shots of the dog. He is the only one that will reliably listen to commands like sit and stay. If I tired that with the others I would be chasing a dog. All the rain we have had has made it greener than ever, the trial was actually over grown in some places. I had to double back when I missed a switchback. I think I need to make this hike at least once a week. I may but a geocache up there if there isn’t already one up there.

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