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talking in movies

I should really see if I can raise the capital to open up a movie theater. My movies would cost about $2 more than average so like $9 for a early show and $11 for a night show. The difference and the draw will be the armed guard in every screening room. If someone is talking during the movie, say translating the entire freaking movie to someone, or repeating every other line to their deaf friend or talking on their cell phone in the movie, or letting their kid cry through an entire movie, or letting their kids run around the theater while the movie goes on these people would promptly be thrown the hell out. People have no freaking consideration these days. All they think about is themselves. I also would make a point to not sell childrens tickets to ANY movie with a PG-13 or R rating. If you want to get a kids discount take them to a freaking kids movie, don’t take them to an R rated horror movie because you are too damned cheap to get a baby sitter and expect a discount to tourture everyone else in the theater. I am betting I would have full theaters at my movie theater. Thank you

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