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Apple aparently lets the iTunes client apply the DRM information after the file has been downloaded from the itms. So Mr. DVD Jon has written a frontend that will let you buy tunes without DRM. I don’t know if I am more in shock that apple was that stupied or that it took this long before someone figured this out. I can see it would save apple a lot of money up front to do it this way since they wouldn’t need servers to process the DRM. But come on this is just asking for this hack. This is an easy fix but it will piss off a lot of people. The fix is to just do the DRM server side and put out a new client that dosn’t try to apply DRM. But now all the old clients won’t work and will have to be locked out of the service. I am sure a small portion of people just won’t use it anymore. The type of people that can’t figure out how to right click the mouse.

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