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419 scam


I got this nice 419 scam today in my email with the included link and couldn’t help but reply. Lets she if they reply back.


That really sucks about your husband and all. Wow he
had four wives. That is awsome I would love to have
four wives, I mean 1 is great but I would like a
selection, I mean I don’t eat the same thing all the
time so why always the same wife. So aren’t the other
wives jealus you got all the money? Man that would
really piss me off. Anyways I run a very successful
consulting firm and would love to help.


— patricia savimbi wrote:
> attention:Sir,
> May I use this opportunity to introduce myself as
> Patricia Savimbi. I am the wife to the late MR.
> GREAT JONAS SAVIMBI, the leader of the Angolan
> revolutionary group known as the (UNITA) who died
> while on active duty. in an effort to liberate our
> people.I am contacting you with the belief that we
> will develope a cordial business relationship which
> will be beneficial to both parties.I am currently in
> possesion of (Seventy-Five million United States
> Dollars.) Which I intend to use for investment
> purposes specifically in your country. The money
> came about as a result of my late husbands inability
> to proceed with the purchase of military hardware
> which he contracted with South-Africa Arms Company.
> Since the start of our civil war,the source of funds
> in prosecuting the war has been from Diamonds,which
> is under our control.My son is the secretary of
> state in mining under the leadership of my late
> husband.The Diamonds were always exported to
> South-Africa and part of the proceeds usually used
> in buying military hardwares,I travelled immediately
> to my late husbands residence in South-Africa and
> discovered a sum of Seventy-Five million dollars
> cash hidden under his underground safe.Due to my
> status as a rufugee I can not invest this funds here
> in South Africa,I therefore seek your assistance in
> transfereing this funds out of South-Africa,All
> necessary arrangements has been made by me and I
> assure you that there is no risk attached
> to this transaction and we will work out modalities
> for the success of this transaction.I promise to
> give you 10% of the total funds for your assistance
> and my family will use the remaining 90% for
> investment in your country.I hope that this proposal
> will interest you.Please I will like you to keep
> this transaction at utmost secrecy whatever your
> desicion will be while I await your response through
> my private e-mail(patricia_savimbi01@yahoo.com).And
> i would like you to visit this
> Website:http://www.empereur.com/Angola.html to
> really understand my plight and what we are facing
> as well as to be familiar with our ordeals since.I
> await your prompt response. All I need from you is
> your direct phone and fax number so we can have a
> discussion.You can always conatct me through this
> number:
> Phone Number:008-717-62989123.
> Fax Number:008-717-62989121.
> Mrs.Patricia Savimbi.
> ¡Sé listo! Contrata el antivirus

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