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I rock.

I so rock. We had to move our server room to another building, the problem was we use serial lines. So we purchase a digi port server that makes virtual ttys on the server that then use TCP/IP to transmit to the port server in the wire closet.. All the serial printers worked great when I changed them. The two PCT’s on the other hand did not. I have been banging my head against the wall for over a week trying to figure this out and talking to Ratex the vender who set the freaking thing up in the first place. All I got from them was excusses. Well I found out that the freaking adapter pluged into the MUX isn’t standard. It was only using three wires. Well I tore apart a normal one and the one used in the PCT. I mapped them out and made my own UTP cable with RG-45 ends to use and it works like a charm. pins 124 go to 345.

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