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Note to self

Note to self when converting mssql querys to mysql querys in ASP these are you friends,

dateFormat function for asp converts asp date fomat mm/dd/yyyy to mysql yyyymmdd

function convertDate(varDate)
dim dd, mm
if day(varDate) < 10 then
dd = "0" & day(varDate)
dd = day(varDate)
end if

if month(varDate) < 10 then
mm = "0" & month(varDate)
mm = month(varDate)
end if

convertDate = year(varDate) & mm & dd
end function

mysql query to return asp date format from select
select date_format(date, ‘%m/%d/%Y’) as date from tableName;

return two fields as concateded string in sql field
select concat(lastName,’, ‘, firstName’) AS wholeName from tableName

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