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Bad Day

Yesterday had to be about the worst day I have had in a long time.  The very old hp9000 server that is running the point of sale software for the bookstore died in a big way.  So I restored the backups on the accounting hp9000 server and get everything backup and running.  I then call the application vendor to get them to change the device file that points to the modems and printer, since they have NO documentation and no interface to actually do this, no you have to edit the universe &DEVIECES& file in some funky editor built into universe.  Well anyways they then tell me that I should not run 8.3.3 version on hp-ux 11.11 since it it too old and could cause corruption.  So now I have to go to IBM and get a quote since we are no longer under a maintenance agreement for universe.  I actually managed to get a quote by the end of the day which is feat unto itself which you would know if you ever had to deal with IBM. It always amazes me that a huge company like IBM, HP and Dell always have such horrible sales people who never get back to you, but that is a rant for another day.  Anyways IBM says it will take 48-72 hours to process a PO!  Um hello emergency here people, well I just gave it to my bosses and said you deal with the sales people.  So here we sit waiting for IBM.  RIP hp9000 1999?-Nov 2006 you had a long and full life you lived four years longer than you should have and now we pay.

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