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Winco Foods

Winco Foods is amazing!!  I never thought I would be saying this about a grocery store but it is true.  We bought groceries here last night that would have cost close to double that at Vons or Ralphs.  The place is huge and clean, they have tons of produce, dry goods, meats, cheeses and everything.  The best buy had to be small avocados for 12 cents each!  I don’t know how they do it but the prices are at least 10-40% less than a normal supermarket.  The staff was also very friendly, apparently it is an employee owned company which is always good.   That makes the employee actually care about their jobs, since the better job they do the better the company does, the better the company does the more your stock is worth.  They only have 3 stores in southern California, but if you are near one of these stores it is well worth shopping here for your day to day groceries.

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