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RS 232

As you probably know I really really hate rs232 its was fine and good back in the day but you shouldn’t be using it any more, there is USB for close devices and TCP/IP for remote devices. My $currentEmployer has 11 rs232 devices on 1 POS server, to make matters worse 8 of those are on a port emulator in a different building. Once I got their server up and running none of the printers or modems were working, and my tape only backed up the main data not /sbin or /etc so I could get to the init.d and inittab files (and if anyone says those are all in etc, then they don’t work in HP-UX). These are the files that set up the serial settings for each port. The POS application vendor was less than useful so I was left with nothing but my google foo to fix it. The printers weren’t so hard after finding the printer manual on the a HP museum site I was able to verify what speed the printers were set to. The printer manual was from 1984!!! Just a little perspective I was 6 in 84, these printers are at least 20 years old!! I just had to set up the speed and a few options so they did the proper carriage return with ditty (the stty equivalent for the digiport). I also had to figure out that the universe spooler also has speed settings and have to be set. Then onto the modems. This was a cable issue, the old mux was DB25 the new mux was RJ45. There is no standard for the pin outs of rs232 on RJ45, which I had found out in the past when setting up the Digi port monitor. The closest thing to a standard for rs232 on rj45 is the Yost wiring standard, which the HP mux pin out is similar but not the same.  I found the pin out in the mux manual and had to break out the soldering iron and create my own adapters to get the modems working. So I now have 3 different pin outs for RJ45 to DB25 that we use, 1 for the printers, 1 for the modems, and 1 for the price check terminals. Can’t we all just get along can’t we standardize please, of course its a little late for that now, die in a fire rs232.  I can’t wait until I can nail a coffin in this POS POS system, note only one of those POS was the abbreviation for point of sales.

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