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The campus hub blows

The campus hub the provider that does our text book ordering web site blows. We converted to ISBN-13 this last semester, so all the files we uploaded to them were ISBN-13. After uploading the winter terms files none of the books showed up, just the classes and sections. I emailed their support and got no response for 2 days until I contacted them a second time. Then they said that they hadn’t heard back from their programing. Which is apparently 1 guy so why they call it programing is beyond me. So I contact them each day and I finally get a answer back after almost 1 week. They don’t support ISBN-13 on the server that we are uploading to. There solution convert back to ISBN-10 or wait over a week while they code up a windows program that will convert our isbn-13 files into XML. Ok yeah I am to download the files everyday and convert them to XML then upload them manually every day, since I am sure their program isn’t command line and scriptable? Why in the hell can’t they fix the code on the server to take ISBN-13? Or at least whip up a script to convert to ISBN-10 then do the processing since they say all the files are convert back to ISBN-13 when it is imported into their system. It took me literally 10 minutes yes 10 MINUTES to write a perl script to convert from ISBN-13 to ISBN-10. Now why couldn’t support on day 1 just tell me ISBN-13 isn’t supported the way we upload our files, convert to ISBN-10. I would have had our web site working on day 1 if that occurred but no I just got the run around which is reason 113 why I hate venders.

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