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Day of mourning

Well I am went back to work today after getting 8 days off for Christmas break only to get an email a half hour later that today is a day of morning for Gerald Ford and the Union Contract says we get that off. Um no thanks, I live over an hour away and I am in the middle of upgrading from Vmware GSX server to VMware Server with a announced all day outage of 4 servers. So I will take the day off another day and not waste my time and gas to drive home an hour after I got to work. It must be something new in the contract because we didn’t get a day off for Regan. So I am sitting here baby sitting VMware Importer converting all the images fun fun, they are taking forever. I didn’t realize though that vmware had a tool to boot a server and create a vmware image of a physical machine, that is pretty nifty should I want to virtualize some of the existing servers.

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