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Xbox 360, tversity auto GK, etc

Well I got a xbox 360 for christmas and am really enjoying it.  I even got to take a lovely crawl through my attic with some cat 5 fun fun fun.  As soon as it was all set up I then turned to its media sharing functions.  It can show pictures, and stream music and videos from your main computer.  The only problem is that it only support windows media format for video which is pretty lame seeing as I only want to rip my movies once and I already decided on on XviD format, since it is free looks great and should be around for awhile.  I am currently in the process of encoding all the movies I have right now using 2 spare computers with AutoGK (which by the way works great) running in my office churning out XviD videos.  It will be so much more convenient to be able to browse the movies I want on screen instead of getting on my hands and knees searching through a dark cabient with my head sideways trying to read the labels.  I searched the internet for a solution to the xvid problem and found a work around.  Most of what I found required a windows media server to use transcode 360 and VLC 360 I don’t have one and don’t really want to buy one.  I found Tversity which acts like a sling box, it takes all your media and will transcodes it to a format the device supports using the UPnp AV / DLNA standard; in the xbox 360’s case the wmv format.  I tested it and it works great, the only problem is it can’t fast forward or rewind only pause and play, if they add that in future releases that would be awesome.

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