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Apple announcements

Apple announced the iphone and apple tv today.  The iPhone looks very cool and feature rich, but there is no way I am going to spend $500.00 on a phone, especially when you would have to have a obscene data plan on top of it.  I love to be connected and all but I am not droping $40 for a calling plan and $20 – $40 for a data plan on top of it.  I think this is the one place that really annoys me is the insane profits that the cell phone companies are bringing in.  Hopefully wi-max or something similar will take off and some competition will come out just like with the VoIP companies with phone service.  I think my price point would have to be $250 for the phone and $40 data included for the plan.

The apple TV looks ridiculous at this point until a viable IPtv provider comes along since I am not going to pony up $1.99 an episode for a TV show when I can Tivo it for free.  At $300 dollars it is about $150 overpriced.  It can only stream media off of computers, the 802.11n is nice but I already ran cat 5 to my TV so unnecessary, doesn’t have a tuner card doesn’t act as a PVR.  I  got an Xbox 360 for  $400 that will do all of what the Apple TV does although with not as much eye candy, and I can play great games too.

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