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Auto GK update

Well encoding with 192 VBR mp3 didn’t help the audio sync problem. I reripped one of the movies that had the sync problem, this time with ripit4me. My theory is that the RipGuard or ARcc0S is the problem, DVDFab Decrypter fixes it enough that it will rip it to the hard drive and ignore the errors which works fine in a DVD player, since the DVD player never sees the bad sectors. I have a feeling that auto GK runs through the bad sectors and this introduces a gap that makes the movie longer and messes up the audio sync since the audio track is separate from the video track. Ripit4me will use FixVTS to clean up the .vob files of the crap so hopefully making a in sync movie, but not an NSYNC movie

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  1. Jahangir
    July 14, 2007 at 4:42 am

    hmm interesting observation.
    Personally i thought Auto GK +Virtualdub was one of the best DVD-Ripper available right now.

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