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More on the Apple Iphone

More details have come out about the apple Iphone and if they prove to be correct it seems like a big fumble on apples part. It is a closed system and no 3rd party applications will be allowed to be installed. So we will be at the mercy of apple to provide all the applications we want and need!?! I can’t see the reason for this one, it runs OS X so it should a multi user, multi tasking environment that has modern memory management, and user space vs kernel space so that if an application crashes it doesn’t effect the rest of the system. I can see not letting any drives or anything that touches the kernel be installed, but all user space programs? I mean even in treo smart phones you can install third party apps even though from what I have heard you shouldn’t if you care about stability, but the Palm OS is pretty archaic when it comes to memory management.

Also there isn’t any support for exchange, or office document attachments? One of the biggest markets of the smart phone is the buisness user, with out exchange and office viewers this is pretty much a deal killer for any corporate user.

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