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Sucess exporting Tif files

I am still at work making images of the MO disks, but my perl script is complete! A whole 24 lines.   If anyone cares it will also be in the example code section.


$tiffname = “test3.dd”;
$test = “testout.dd”;
open(TIF, $tiffname) or die “can’t open $tiffname: $!”;
open(NEW, “>testout.dd”);
$enum = 0;
$oldbuff = 0;

while (read(TIF,$buff, 32)) {
if ($buff =~ m/II\*/ && $oldbuff =~ m/\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00/) {
$formated = sprintf(“%09d”, $enum);
close NEW;
$new = “image” . $formated . “.tif”;
open (NEW, “>$new”);
print NEW $buff;
$oldbuff = $buff
else {
print NEW $buff;
$oldbuff = $buff

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