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Why I like open source software

My latest project at work is recovering Tiff images off of a Magneto Optical disk juke box. Remember the sony mini disk format? Yeah that is what these are except 5.25 inch 5.1 gigs on each. There are two SCSI drives in the juke box and a cartridge loader. It was used in conjunction with an application called paper clip that let admissions scan in and save images. Well the problem is they want to transferee to a different imaging system and they can’t seem to get the images off in bulk. I was brought in to take a look. We tried looking at the disk in backup exec but it didn’t recognize the autoloader, so we had to tear apart the juke box and hook the MO drive into a PC and then we could see the drive but no data. So on to step 2 I pull the raw data off the drive using DD into a file. I look at the file in a hex editor and low and behold TIFF headers I see. I cut one out on the header boundary which is II* and cut at the next header I see and paste it into a new file and it opens up fine. So the program must just stream the data onto the drive with no file system what so ever, they don’t even use a standard tar format, they must just be storing the disk number and an 2 offsets to recover files. I have googled and googled but nothing I can find will recover this, so I am writing my own. This would be pretty trivial but the developers in their infinite wisdom breaks up images over 2 disks if it hits the end of a disk. They must also be writing some other data in there as well because pasting two together will not work. Thus leading me to my point if I had the source I could easily find out what they were doing to write across disks and export everything easily. I guess we are just lucky they didn’t XOR the data or something to mess with us.

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