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All I have to say is thank God for Tivo.  Award shows are so freaking self important, annoying and long for commercial whoring sake. Here are my thoughts.

  • I don’t need to hear every song nominated.
  • I know all of the current actors and actresses can’t act, but I don’t need to see montages of old and dead actors that could.
  • An unbalanced environmental propaganda film is not a documentary.
  • Why does a documentary need a theme song unless its a propaganda piece and meant to appeal to your emotions.
  • The Departed is the best film of the year?  Is the academy smoking crack?
  • Scorsese has been denied best director 5 times and wins it for that piece of garbage. I would give it back if I was Scorsese.  Almost tops giving Halle Berry the best actress award just because she is black but not quite.
  • How was Mark Wahlberg nominated for the best supporting actor?  He has 1 character he plays over and over.
  • Little Miss Sunshine should have swept it.

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