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XBOX 360 Dashboard Update

Microsoft is going to be releasing an update for the 360 this may.  It will add Live messenger integration (don’t care I am anti social.)  It will also add lots of features to the video playback functionality.  The release says that is will include support for MPEG 4 and H.264 support.  I doubt that XVID and DIVX will work though as the release says that MPEG4 only support Simple Profile with 2 channel AAC.  Both DIVX and XVID require Advance Simple Profile support.  Also only 2 channel sound is disappointing.   I guess I will go forward with my plan of transcoding all my XVID files to WMV with 5.1 sound apparently Transcode360 supports this.  My PC is too slow for TVersity to do a decent quality transcode, it will only keep up with 320X280 which doesn’t look great on a HD TV.

There are however some great features in this update including low power background downloading, folder hierarchy for video content, bookmarking the last location of each video file played, switchable aspect ratio during video playback, and splitting all files into 10 “chapters” so that you can quickly skip around a file.  I will finally be able to organize my videos searching through over 100 files looking for a Disney movie isn’t fun.  I wonder if it will allow me to do shortcuts so I can do a more complete category sort with the same movie in multiple places?   Bookmarking is also huge as I don’t want to pause a movie and leave my XBOX on if I have to go do something.  The chapter split is ok and would have been a bigger deal if bookmarking wasn’t included.

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