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I hope the engineers are better than the support at 3ware.  I opened up a web ticket about not being able to use 1 large 6 terabyte  partition  in  windows 2003.  In the mean time I used my google foo and found the answer.  A MBR volume only supports 2 terabyte partitions, a GPT volume support some huge number in the exobytes.  Windows 2003 will only boot off of an MBR volume.  So you must make 1 small boot volume and 1 large data volume.  So when I did the whole 6 terabytes showed up and I was able to make 1 huge partition.  In the meantime I get a response to my support ticket that tells me to upgrade the firmware. Number 1 that will never work wince its a windows limitation, and number 2 the version they suggested that I upgrade to isn’t even on there website. I wish companies would charge a little bit more for their product and actually hire people that know what they are doing.  This support ticket is probably one that they get all the time.  I don’t know why there isn’t a little warning on the front of their support page as this probably happens to 90% of there windows clients that use more than 2 terabytes of space.

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