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Frontpage Extensions are Retarded

The conversion from below post didn’t go as smoothly as planned.  After the new server was online no one could modify their Frontpage sites.  None of the roles or user permissions were showing in the Frontpage Administration site.  I did a recalculate on the web but that didn’t fix anything.  So I just switched back to the old VM server.

I did some research and found this document.  The files that have all the permissions in them are kept in c:\Documents and setting\All Users\…..!  Who designed that?  You would think that would be a common thing on google when you search backup frontpage, but I had to dig to find that.  I wasn’t even backing up that directory but I sure am now.  After restoring that directory then everything was  working as usual.

So the lessoned learned here is Microsoft programmers smoke the crack and always test your disaster recovery plan.  Especially now that VMware server is free there is no excuse not to test it.  Your family will thank you later when they aren’t starving and sleeping on the street because you were fired.

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