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Died in a bloging accident

died in a bloging accident

It is mind blowing how fast thing spread on the internet. Take this XKCD comic there were only 2 results in google when you searched for “died in a blogging accident” just yesterday. Now there are over 2,000 results and climbing every hour. “Died in a knitting accident isn’t so popular so only a rise to 107 results from 7. Also of note not many people read the title tag of the image since “Died in a snake charming accident” rose from 0 results to 10 and “Died in a haberdashery accident” also rose from 0 to 10 results. The sadist part of all of this is that when someone does die in a blogging accident we won’t be able to find it on google. Remember kids don’t walk around blogging on your iphone or you will end up dying in a blogging accident.

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