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No viruses and no spyware does not mean its more secure.

September 9, 2008 2 comments

I hear this argument all the time that Mac OS X is better than windows becuase it is more secure.  The proof alot of people stat is there are very few virus and spyware on OS X.  Yes that is true there are also very few on OS/2 warp, minux, BeOS, windows 3.11, NT 3.51, Irix, linux, solaris, BSD, and pretty much every other operating system know to man compared to windows.  That doesn’t make them more secure.  That makes them a small target compared to windows, it doesn’t make OS X more secure.  There is a reason why tons of bugs were found in safari when Apple ported it to windows.  Was the code so different from the OS X code base?  I doupt it, there are many more automated security tools build for use on windows which also makes it that much easier to find the flaws in XP and Vista than in OS X.  Any one who thinks apple cares that much about security let me remind you it took apple three weeks to patch the DNS vulnurability!!  Weeks after there were working exploits.  The larger the market share grows for Apple the more virus and malware you will see released targeting OS X.

Apple fan boys please don’t bug me.  I personally use a mac as my main lap top now.  I personally like OS X better than Vista and XP because I am a unix fan boy.   But that is a personal choice.  Also Linux fan boys I love linux and am a RHCE but I need an OS for my day to day work where I don’t have to wory about breaking everything because I upgraded lib c compat, or installed a new kernel.  I run Cent OS on all my servers when I can and I also have another Ubuntu laptop that I use for certain security tools.  Windows fan boys, securing mainly windows boxs is my bread and butter.  Windows with AD in an enterprise is the way to go.

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July 23, 2007 Leave a comment

I just got the email I passed the CISSP exam that I took July 7th.  I just have to get my endorsement letter signed by my boss and send in my resume to ISC2.  I am glad I passed especially since it cost $500.00 of my own money.  Hopefully this will open up some doors professionally. I studied off and on for 2 months and crammed like crazy the last week.  I used the official ISC2 CISP book to do most of my studying but also took some practice tests that I found, and reviewed Shon Harris’s CISSP All in one Exam Guide book for some of my weaker areas.

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